Pour Your Own Candle

Learn more about the ROSE+WICK process & how you can create your signature scent!

What to Expect When You Come to Create Your Candle

While candles are pretty commonplace, few have actually created and poured their own- but never fear! We will walk you through each step, so no need to be intimidated by the process!

When you first arrive you will be greeted and given a clipboard and told about our scent wall. The clipboard is used so you can easily write down your preferred scents and begin to narrow down those you are interested in blending for your candle. Please check out our blog post on helpful tips in selecting scents! 

Once you have your scents narrowed down, it is time to visit our vessel wall. Here you will select the size and style jar for your candle. You may take your vessel to your table and check out our unique drink menu. 

Now seated with your vessel of choice, your Candle Specialist will talk to you about the oils you would like to small together. Our Candle Specialists can help you in narrowing down your scents even more, or make suggestions if you would like help. Your Candle Specialist will then bring your selected oils and show you how to smell them together to see which ones you want to blend. Once these are selected you can begin mixing your oils a few drops at a time. Stirring the blending oils as you add allows you to decide if you want more of less one of your selected scents. Once your jigger, the measuring device used for the oils, is filled to surface tension (or to your liking), your Candle Specialist will prepare your wax. 

When your Candle Specialist brings out your wax, you will then pour your blended oil into the hot wax and stir for at least 60 seconds. This helps to ensure that your scents are thoroughly dispersed in the wax. Next you will pour your oil into the vessel you selected. 

From here, the Candle Specialist will have you name your candle on a specific sticker that will go on the bottom of your candle once it cools. You can be creative with this name or can you simply list the scents you used to make that particular blend. And you’ve done it! Our Candle Specialists will help you check out, and then take over your candle from there. We will set your wick in the center and move it to a place to cool.

Candles take about 2 hours to cool completely, so we encourage you to check out all of the great shops, restaurants, and bars that downtown has to offer. You can pick up your candle the same day or come by on another day. We are happy to hold your candle for up to 2 weeks. Groups that come in can have their candles picked up by one person. 

We hope that you join us soon so we can help you create something truly unique! We welcome individuals, groups of friends, date nights, and families!