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Rose + Wick is a custom candle shop where each guest is a scent designer. We are excited to offer over 80 different oil scents that you can blend to create a truly unique candle. This candle could be for you personally or custom candles make a great gift where you have chosen and blended something special for someone else. It gives each guest a chance to be creative and in charge of a scent that is one they will personally love. 


We are located in the historic downtown area in Lafayette, Indiana. We love this area and are excited to see it thriving with new bars, restaurants and shops! Our hope is that people will join us for candle making and then enjoy what this unique downtown area has to offer. 


It was important that this be an experience that both men, women, and children could enjoy. Our scent wall has a wide range to try and meet all preferences of scents. The hope is that Rose + Wick will be a fun experience for individuals, groups of friends, date nights, family outings, and parties. 


We can’t wait for you to come and create with us!

What do we do?

Rose+Wick is a custom candle shop that allows you to create your own scent by mixing any of our over 80 scents to create a candle that is truly unique.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a unique experience that is fun to the ever growing downtown area. This business was created with the idea that people could use this as part of a date night, girls night, or just a fun time out on the town. After making the candle, people can enjoy great downtown restaurants, bars, and shop the many stores and boutiques while their candles cools


Fun for all ages

Making your own candle is fun for all ages. Our candle specialists will be there every step of the way so that young and old alike can take part in this fun experience!