Our Scents

Here's all of our current scents that you can combine to create your signature scent!

Almond Fig Orange
Apple Frankincense and Myrrh Patchouli
Autumn Leaves Fresh Baked Bread Peanut Butter
Baby Powder Fresh Cut Grass Pear
Bacon Fresh Cut Rose Peppercorn Spice
Balsam Fir Fresh Peach Peppermint
Bergamot Fresh Snow Pine Needles
Birthday Cake Gardenia Pineapple
Black Coffee Gingerbread Pink Grapefruit
Blueberry Golden Chestnut Pipe Tobacco
Brown Sugar Green Tea Pumpkin Latte
Campfire Hay Rides Pumpkin Patch
Caramel Hollyberry Rain Shower
Cashmere Honeysuckle Red Cedar
Chai Latte Hops Roasted Pecans
Chamomile Irish Spring Green Sage
Champagne Jasmine Sandalwood
Cherry Kentucky Bourbon Sensual Amber
Cinnamon Lavender Strawberry
Citrus and Ginger Leather Sugarplum
Clean Cotton Lemon Sunflower
Clove Lemongrass Teakwood
Coconut Lilac Toasted Marshmallow
Cool Cucumber Lily of the Valley Verbena
Cranberry Maple Syrup Very Vanilla
Creamy Nutmeg Mistletoe Vintage Wine
Dark Chocolate Mulberry Violet
English Ivy Musk Whipped Cream
Evergreen Mist Oakmoss White Tea
Eucalyptus Ocean Mist Wintergreen

Our Current Top Scents!